French Diplomacy Championship


From Friday, November 30th to Sunday, December 2nd 2012

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1985 Bruno de Scoraille 1986 Laurent Taillandier
1987 Bruno de Scoraille 1988 Bertrand Leboubenec
1989 Clément Merville 1990 Toni Ribeiro da Silva
1991 Samy Malki 1992 Clément Merville
1993 Emmanuel Lorge 1994 Cyrille Sevin
1995 --- * 1996 Sid-Ahmed Sedjai
1997 Samy Malki 1998 Arnaud Boirel
1999 Benoit Clergeot 2000 (Guillaume Plantevin)**
2001 Benoit Clergeot 2002 Guillaume Vuillin
2003 Gilles Rodriguez 2004 Frank Johansen
2005 Druk Dzongkha 2006 Vincent Carry
2007 Gwen Maggi 2008 Marvin Lefebvre
2009 Arnaud Daina 2010 Fabien Loreau
2011 Gwen Maggi 2012 Perhaps you???

From left to right : Reynald Nicod (3rd in 2011), Gwen Maggi (French Champion 2011) and Fabien Loreau (2nd in 2011)

From left to right : Emmanuel du Pontavice (3rd in 2010), Fabien Loreau (French Champion 2010) and Philippe Dumay (2nd in 2010)

From left to right : Emmanuel du Pontavice (2nd in 2009), Arnaud Daina (French Champion 2009) and Pierre Dehornoy (3rd in 2009)

From left to right : Alexandre Godfroy (3rd in 2008), Marvin Lefebvre (French Champion 2008) and Gwen Maggi (2nd in 2008)

From left to right : Arnaud Daina (2nd in 2007), Gwen Maggi (French Champion 2007) and Fabien Grellier (3rd in 2007)

From left to right : Lei Saarlainen (2nd in 2006), Vincent Carry (French Champion 2006) and Simon Gauchot (3rd in 2006)

* In 1995, a French NDC by step has been held, but the results are not known. BAG finished first in that particular WDC. ** In 2000, the title has been awarded under special conditions since it was open only to French Players. Hence, the French Champion Guillaume PLANTEVIN actually finished only second in the tournament which was also EDC. The winner of the tournament and European champion was Leif BERGMAN.